Visionary Leaders For Manufacturing

Leadership Development in Support of MAKE IN INDIA

Written By Mr G Sunderraman, Executive Vice President, Corporate Development, Godrej & Boyce Mfg Co Ltd

Under Mentorship of Prof Shoji Shiba, Chief Advisor, Champions for Societal manufacturing

Copyright © 2015 Godrej & Boyce Mfg Co Ltd, JICA and CII

Learning through Observations” is a masterstroke from the author Mr G Sunderraman. It certainly has the “first mover advantage” by striking a right chord with the reader by dealing with this unexplored subject in a very interesting and simpler manner. Through this creation, Author has shared his almost a decade long learnings from practice of Prof Shoji Shiba's methods, for the benefit of larger community.

Though this was almost a decade long learning journey for the author, soon after he met Prof Shiba in 2004, but the real trigger to initiate this publication can be linked to his short visits to Villages in Karnataka, Maharashtra and Tamilnadu in connection with CII’s new Village Buddha programme during November 2013 to February 2015.

This book has done absolute justice in establishing “Observations Skill” as a critical leadership skills in today’s 10X changing environment. Observation is a key skill to perceive these changes. Author own notes says “Observations begin as basic skills, develop as a comprehensive practice and turn into a discipline over time to transform leaders.”

The uniqueness of this book lies in the combination of real life examples from the Rural India blended with insightful commentary from author’s deep wisdom. Further, Core Principles and methods are explained followed by demonstration of the practice as a specific bundles of skills in the real life explorations in the villages. His tips for observation trips will be very handy. This is real treat to the reader to practice the learnings while they read.