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The 1000 Visionary SME Programme (Opportunity D) under the VLFM umbrella drives the transformation from the final assembly line of a OEM (Large Company) or a Tier 1 company. Suppliers to the final assembly line follow later synchronizing their production to the final assembly line.

This programme works in a project mode over one year transforming the Customer- Supplier relationship to a win-win. Both the customer as well as the supplier improve productivity, profitability and synchronization leading to growth. Since its inception in 2010, VSME programme has shown significant tangible and intangible results and has helped transform the manufacturing paradigm of more than 200 manufacturing companies, both customers (typically large companies) and their suppliers (largely SMEs).

The salient features of the 1000 VSME Programme are:

  • Creating a platform for enhancing the inclusion of SMEs covered through the programme
  • Developing the structure for sustaining the implementation of the programme
  • Enhancing the reach of the WIN-WIN relationship of the programme
  • Platform for enhancing the inclusion of SMEs
  • Practice of the Do and Demonstrate Principle.

Since 2013, the 1000 VSME Programme is implemented under four types, as follows:

TYPE 1 OR INTRODUCTION: Introducing VSME programme in a Model Line of Tier 1 plant together with select Tier 2s who are supplying to this Model Line.

TYPE 2 OR DIFFUSION: Diffusing VSME programme to all lines of Tier 1 and all Tier 2 suppliers of the Tier 1.

TYPE 3 OR EXPANSION: Expanding VSME to the other Tier 1 plants of the company.

TYPE 4 OR COMMUNITY Activity: Maintaining the implemented VSME activity on an ongoing basis.

The 1000 SME course starts with a CEO seminar. This seminar actively involves the CEO’s of participating companies, enlightening them with the VLFM principles and methodologies. This enables higher management buy-in and understanding for better implementation of programme.

For more information contact :

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