Visionary Leaders For Manufacturing

Leadership Development in Support of MAKE IN INDIA

Shoji Shiba, Chief Advisor, CSM Project

With the Prime Minister inviting over 2300 global companies to invest in India, the age of CSM is here. For harnessing this opportunity, we need technology and money for sure but these are not enough for success. India has the 3D advantage of Democracy, Demand and Demography. India’s Prime Minister has added the 4th D of Deregulation and yet another D of Determination can be added to these.  Once that happens many new opportunities will open up. The Demographic dividend can only be harnessed if the human capital is developed at all levels, including visionary leaders, who can grasp the opportunity.  It is the visionary leaders who will be able to grasp these opportunities. CII’s VLFM/CSM Programme is creating visionary leaders for creating new businesses and transforming existing ones.

I believe that VLFM initiative is an integral part of Make in India. There are three directions necessary to accelerate the future by connecting with Make in India:


  •  Develop the Indian Way of Management, not adopt the US or Japanese way. This will be the driver of India’s growth. The CSM project is already helping to formulate the Indian Way of Management.
  • Diffusion of Business Breakthroughs – Just like TQM and Flow concept have been diffused and adopted across the Indian manufacturing sector, the time has now come to diffuse a strategic mindset and business breakthroughs. These require a new concept of vertical integration for which manufacturing companies need Breakthrough Counsellors just like the TQM and TPM Counsellors.?
  • Youth Mindset – It is absolutely essential to keep a youth mindset with self confidence and hope for contributing to Indian manufacturing.?


For the last nine years, the CSM/VLFM Programme of CII has been working in the three directions outlined above.  I encourage the Indian manufacturing sector to work towards developing the Indian Way of Management and strive to achieve breakthroughs that will take them ahead in the future.