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Prof. Shoji Shiba, renowned Japanese management guru and Padma Shri awardee, takes us through a wonderful, journey of seven success stories, indicating that a new Indian way of manufacturing is emerging.

The purpose of the book is to inspire Indian organisations and managers to adopt the Principles of Breakthrough Management to meet the future challenges that will be posed by the world experiencing 10X changes. Prof. Shiba wishes “to ignite a passion about manufacturing in the country”, and uses the word “manufacturing” in a far wider context.

The stories in the book are unfolded just the same way as the philosophy it emphasizes: using the Breakthrough Management “70-30 Rule” i.e. 70% Practice & 30% knowledge, and “Learning by Doing”.

The description of how exactly the Godrej & Boyce Team and Sona Koyo Team developed and marketed innovative products “Chotukool” and “EPM” respectively is very interesting and educative. Likewise, how the teams “jumped into the fishbowl” rather than “observing the fish from outside” to reach target customers by identifying their needs, adopting emerging technology and innovative distribution systems through breakthrough ideas is fascinating. Prof. Shiba explains the seven factors of organizational change, and illustrates how an organization can be transformed using the example of the Godrej Shirwal Factory. The book then takes you outside the four walls of the organization to interact with the organization’s profit-critical stakeholder: the Supplier. Creation of trust based relationship, painstakingly nurtured, leading to win-win advantage has been lucidly explained using the example of Gabriel India and two of their suppliers - Vinsar Elastomers, and Hosur Steel. The point that strikes the reader the most is that of “Do and then Demonstrate” rather than “Instruct and Monitor”.

The case of business transformation of Paragon, a single-source supplier of Sona Koyo is indeed outstanding. It has been described in detail so that the reader can really understand (and learn how to apply) the four stages of business transformation – from “mindset change” to “gaining tangible and intangible business results”.

The book is rich in concepts and focuses on the Principles of Breakthrough Management that form the foundation of the VLFM programme - including simple concepts such as listening to the customer, anticipating and preparing for change, and dealing with employees and the society at large - the book talks about a manufacturing model that is more responsible and responsive, more evolved and ethical.
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